Aluminium Chromating

Aluminium Chromating

Doogood's 5-stage chromate conversion coating modifies the surface properties of aluminium products to provide an outstanding foundation primer for adhesives and paint and is an excellent corrosion inhibitor and conductivity preserver.

Aluminium chromate coating enhances the aesthetic value of the metal and reduces surface oxidation without a measurable buildup on parts.

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Unlike electroplating, which only applies in a thin external coating, the aluminium chromate conversion coating process creates an etched surface on aluminium products, giving lasting protection from corrosion and superior adhesion.

Doogood provides in-house, industry-leading aluminium chromating; our Melbourne facility is equipped with a 5-stage chromate system capable of processing parts up to 7m in length.

This system has been designed to work with warranty projects, aluminium extrusions and façade panels to provide the highest possible standard of aluminium chromating in Australia.

We currently provide aluminium chromating services for custom projects, architectural and commercial applications, aluminium window manufacturers, cladding fabricators and the transport industries.

Aluminium conversion coating is also a requirement of powder coating aluminium to Australian Standards [1627.0-1997].

Chromate Conversion Coating


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Is aluminium chromating necessary for aluminium to be powder coated?

Yes, the non-porous surface of unfinished aluminium is incompatible with being painted without priming the surface for the powder to adhere to it. To prepare aluminium for powder coating Doogood provide a special 5-stage treatment known as chromating.

Why should I choose Doogood for aluminium chromating services?

Doogood's trivalent chromates are RoHs compliant and environmentally friendly.

Due to the high-quality chromate used by our facility, a bright and high salt spray resistant finish can be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Because Doogood offer end-to-end coating and finishing we can also powder coat your project after applying the chromate conversion coating at our Melbourne facility.

What is the average turnaround time for aluminium conversion coating?

We perform all of our aluminium chromate coating services in Melbourne at our Hallam facility; from the time we receive your project, to clean, prepare and apply the chromate the standard turnaround is 5 Days.

What lengths can your equipment handle for aluminium chromating?

Doogood’s facility has the ability to chromate long lengths up to 7m.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes, you can choose to drop-off your aluminium for chromating in Melbourne at our Hallam facility; or we can collect and deliver anywhere in Australia.

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