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Palisade fencing is considered the highest security fence style and is commonly used around the world. It is an excellent choice if you require a very secure perimeter. Heavy-duty spears are securely attached to the rails of a palisade fence using anti-tamper bolts, making it an extremely effective barrier against unlawful entry into any commercial site.

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When Security Matters

The posts of palisade security fencing are constructed from extremely durable H-profile steel (UC), and the rails are formed from heavy-duty angles punched through with holes to attach the W-pales pickets (spears).

Unlike pressed spear fencing, where the whole panel is pre-made, palisade fences are sold as a flat-packed kit, and installation occurs by affixing the pickets to the rails at the job site. 

Palisade fencing is commonly used in Australia for sites requiring a powerful deterrent to prevent people from accessing an area. 

The primary locations where palisade fence panels can be observed are along freeways, railway lines, government facilities, data centres, electrical substations and commercial areas. 

Compared with lightweight hollow tube spear top fencing, the heavy-duty strength panels and palings of a palisade fence are made of 3mm thick solid steel. The pickets are cold rolled in to a W shape for extra strength and then slit to give a razor sharp spear at the top. They are then individually bolted on with high tensile bolts and anti-tamper breakoff shear nuts. With the extra height, solid pickets and sharp top these fences act as the best defence when protecting valuable assets.

There are several different pale (picket) options available at Doogood, including straight, rolled top and D pales. We can also powder coat your palisade fence and components to complement any colour scheme.

Palisade Fence Panels


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What is a Palisade Fence?

Palisade comes from pale, which means stake in Latin (stake used to support the fence). A palisade is also sometimes called a stake wall or paling fence. Historically palisade fencing consisted of iron or wooden stakes that formed a protective perimeter for small forts to help hold back the enemy, but were easily destroyed by fire and siege weaponry.

Palisades have improved through time.

Today we use cold-rolled steel rails, or "pales," to make our palisade fence panels. These pales are attached to steel joists that run horizontally. This design makes a solid barrier that can't be broken through. It's perfect for enclosing large industrial areas and public spaces to keep people and properties safe and secure.

What sizes do Palisade panels come in?

Standard steel palisade panels are 2100mm wide, 1200mm tall, and 825mm deep. Top and bottom rails included.

Doogood also offers custom palisade fence panels and gates with steel pales, top profile, posts, rails, anchor bolts, and other accessories made to your specifications.

What Palisade Pale Top Profiles are available?

Single-pointed, triple-pointed, square, round, notched, or rounded palisade post tops are available. Alternatively we can fabricate custom paling post tops.

Does Doogood’s Palisade Fencing meet Australian Standards?

Yes, Doogood Palisade products comply with BS1722-12:2006 Standards for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and anti-rust coating quality. 

Do you provide Palisade Fence installation?

Doogood manufactures a range of Palisate kit fencing products and accessories and we use a network of trusted professional fence installers across Australia. To find one near you please use our finder tool here.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

If you are looking for steel palisade fencing in Melbourne you’ve come to the right place. We keep a large stock holding of palisade fence panels at our Melbourne ware house with same-day collection, or, wherever you are in Australia, you can take advantage of our lightning-fast delivery service. Our palisade fence kits come flat packed in environmentally-friendly protective packaging to prevent damage during transit and handling.    

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