High Security Fencing

High Security

When the security stakes are high you need a specialist fencing solution that can deliver reliable results for exceptional protection and complete peace of mind. Whether you need to keep people in or out of an area, Doogood Australia has a range of high-security perimeter fencing especially designed for the job.

Our high-security fencing products have been used to protect extremely sensitive facilities such as data centres and electrical substations, through to maximum security prison fencing.

358 Security Mesh

358 Security Mesh

358 is our anti-cut, finger-proof, anti-climb mesh that offers proven performance as a high-security barrier while having minimal visual impact on the surrounds. Doogood engineer custom post and rail systems and use rust-resistant Zalcote Wire for lasting protection.

Heavy Duty Security Fencing


If you need a very secure perimeter, palisade fencing is the globally preferred high-security fence. Heavy-duty spears are fastened to rails with anti-tamper bolts making a Palisade fence a substantial deterrent to prevent unauthorized access to any commercial compound. 

K-rated Palisade

K-rated Palisade

Doogood are the only company in the southern hemisphere developing a 'Krated crash test certified Palisade security fence. Designed in conjunction with the CSIRO the new Doogood K rated Palisade will be the first of its kind crash resistant barrier in Australia.

High Security Accessories

High Security Accessories

Doogood supply and manufacture a huge selection of quality security fencing materials and accessories, including Flurobond coated bolts and nuts and our own line of barbed wire. For a complete range of high-security fence supplies our Melbourne warehouse has it all.

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Tailored Solutions

Doogood Australia are experts in providing exceptional perimeter security to keep your property, employees, and machinery safe without sacrificing aesthetics or line of sight.

We are experienced in engineering customer-specified high-security fences and take great pride in our individualised approach to ensuring each project is tailored to the unique requirements of our customers.

When it comes to high-security fence panels, we offer the best in materials, custom fabrication and end-to-end in-house processing.

Security Fencing

Australian Made

We stock and manufacture our high-security fencing solutions in Melbourne, and produce a wide range of high-security fence products to Australian Standards for strength and durability using premium grade materials and cutting-edge machinery.

Our mission is to design, manufacture and deliver end-to-end solutions that complement our customers high-security fence needs. We are committed to providing friendly customer service, focused attention to detail and fast turnaround and delivery times. 

High Security Fence


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What are the applications for high-security fences?

Military bases and offices, airports, data centers, power and chemical plants, correctional facilities, schools, government and municipal buildings, and utility substations are just some of the many places that require high-security fencing. For maximum public safety and asset protection, these structures and properties need perimeter fencing that is both well-designed and properly installed.

What compliance standards do your high-security products meet?

All Doogood fencing wire and security fencing products meet the five Australian Standards AS1725-2010 (part 1-5) in addition our Palisade fence complies with BS1722-12:2006 Standards and our new K-rated Palisade is crash rated to PS68. Product compliance certificates can be provided upon request.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

Processing time will depend on whether your project requires custom fabrication or finishing; however we maintain a large stock of industry standard materials on hand, so in most cases you can collect your high-security fence from our Melbourne warehouse immediately or we can deliver any of our high-security fencing supplies to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart or wherever you need it, delivery time is dependent on distance; if you call us on 1300 123 342 we will gladly provide an estimated arrival for you.

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