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At Doogood Australia, our certified team of professional welders has a combined total of over 50 years of expertise in MIG, TIG, Arc, and Stick welding. There is no custom welding job too big, small or complex, and we take great pride in our capabilities, delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients, even when working under stringent time constraints.

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Bespoke Metalwork

For custom welding services, among metal fabricators in Melbourne, you will find our work is unrivalled in quality and precision.

At Doogood Australia, we apply our custom metal fabrication services to residential, commercial, civil and industrial projects with strong attention to detail and reliability in our work and the quality of the materials we use.

Our welding and fabrication division is fully equipped for any sort of specialised welding or fabrication, We're here to help you out, from "One-of-a-Kind" creations and prototypes to mass production. Our expert team will assist you in making informed decisions on the layout and execution of your project.

TIG and MIG welding of mild steel, aluminium, and stainless steel fabrications are all part of the range of services offered by our highly-skilled welding services team of metalworkers.

If you require custom metal welding for any forth coming project, we have the most cutting-edge machinery available and can precisely construct any kind of metal structure to your specifications.

In addition to welding, we also offer a range of metal finishing services, including sandblasting, hot-dip galvanising, powder coating, polishing for alloy and stainless steel items, and chromating for aluminium. 

Steel Welding


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What is custom metal fabrication?

Making metal components that are non-standard sizes, unique in design or needing special processing is called "custom metal fabrication." Cutting, welding, and bending metal into the desired form are typical methods used in metal fabrication. Fences, gates, benches, and shop fittings are just some of the many things that our skilled metal fabricators regularly make on behalf of our customers.

Can I supply my own designs for custom fabrication?

Yes, we can build a custom steel projects based on your designs and specifications. We also offer a complete custom metalwork design and manufacturing service. We create CAD design drawings of your project and provide expert guidance to assist you in identifying your needs and exploring available materials and styles that will provide you with the best outcome. We also offer weld tests for you to preview our work.

What finishes are available for custom metal projects?

Sandblasting, hot-dip galvanising, powder coating, polishing for alloy and stainless steel goods, and chromating for aluminium are just some of the metal finishing services we provide.

What is the turnaround time for custom welding projects?

The time it takes for custom fabricate metal goods comes down to the complexity of the project. Because Doogood do all of our metal fabrication and finishing in-house this reduces turnaround times significantly. For an estimated timeline for your custom gate please call us on (03) 9708 6116.

Does Doogood’s custom metal fabrication services meet Australian Standards?

Yes, all of Doogood’s custom welding projects are 100% Australian-made and fully compliant with Australian Standards [AS/NZS standards] for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and anti-rust coating quality.

Can aluminium be welded?

Yes, metal-arc, carbon-arc, and other arc welding methods are used to successfully join aluminium and aluminium alloys. Our team are highly experienced in working with aluminium and can advise on the best welding technique for your aluminium project needs.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

If you are looking for steel welding in Melbourne you’ve come to the right place. When complete you can collect your custom fabricated project in Melbourne at our Hallam facility, or we can package your project in environmentally-friendly protective packaging to prevent any damage during transit and deliver it to anywhere in Australia.

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