Rakeable Panels

Rakeable Fencing Panels

Doogood Australia, in partnership with Fortress, is proud to offer two exclusive, patented rakeable fence panel systems.

The innovative and stylish design of our rakeable blade panels and rakeable industrial spear panels allows for the easy construction of continuous and sleek fence lines across undulating landscapes and alongside staircases.

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Easy On The Eye

Doogood's patented Fortress rakeable steel fence panels are the perfect solution for fencing properties with the unlevel ground. The clever hidden pin hinge system allows for easy on-site panel adjustment to create a seamless fence line that follows the gradient of the land.

Using rakeable fence panels eliminates the need to stair-step sections, which is an issue typically seen when using fixed welded fence panels on a slope. Stepped solid panels not only look awkward and unsightly, they can often leave sizable gaps underneath the sections which undermine the purpose of a fence to act as an impassable barrier.

Rakeable panels improve the aesthetic value and security of an undulating property by ensuring continuous, gap-free fencing, up hill and down dale.

Raked Fence for Slopes

Stair Stepped Sections

Rakeable Fence Panels
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Fencing Panel Range

Blade Raked

Blade Raked

Raked panel for fencing properties with unlevel ground.

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Industrial Square Top Raked

Industrial Square Top Raked

Raked panel for fencing properties with unlevel ground.

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Industrial Spear Top Raked

Industrial Spear Top Raked

Raked panel for fencing properties with unlevel ground.

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Fortress by Doogood

Fortress by Doogood

Rakeable to suit grade changes common around pools and aquatic centres.

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How do raked fence panels work?

A rakeable fence is made up of modular fence panels designed to make it easier to match a slope. They work by way of a patented hidden pin hinge system that is projection welded to rail and attached to the fence pickets. The pin hinge acts as a pivot allowing the pickets and rails to be adjusted to any angle to match the gradient of the ground.

How do I install a rakeable fence on a slope?

Rakeable fences are installed the same way as they would be on flat terrain, with the posts anchored to the ground and the distance between the ground and the mounts measured. Using clamps or a helper, you secure one end of the raked panel to the post, then move to the next post and align the rails with the markings there. The rail can then be pivoted to the desired angle. Once satisfied, you can attach the mounts to the posts and cut the panel to length to install it.

What colours are available for your raked fence panels?

The standard colour we stock is black, however, we offer in-house powder coating services and can powdercoat raked fence panels to any colour specified.  

Does Doogood’s rakeable products meet Australian Standards?

Yes, our rakeable fencing panels meet or exceed Australian and International Standards [AS1926.1-2012] for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and anti-rust coating quality.

Are your rakeable fence panels Australian made and do they come with a warranty?

Yes, we manufacture our raked fence panels in Melbourne and there is a 20 year warranty on our Fortress range.

Do you sell rakeable fence panels direct to the public?

Yes, we offer both wholesale rakeable fence panels and accessories and general public pricing options.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

We keep a large stock holding of ready-to-install raked panels in Melbourne at our warehouse that you can collect directly, we can easily deliver to anywhere in Australia. 

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