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When it comes to fencing framework, nothing beats Doogood's pre-galvanised tubing. We supply a comprehensive range of cold-formed, welded Square Hollow Section steel (SHS) with high strength-to-weight ratios. Our Rectangle Hollow Section steel (RHS) and Circular Hollow Section steel (CHS) are available in the thicknesses and diameters needed for a wide variety of applications.

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More Strength, Less Steel

RHS steel, also known as rectangular hollow sections, is ideal for a range of residential, industrial, civil, agricultural, or commercial purposes.

Hollow section steel's strength, affordability, and simplicity make it a favorite in construction and other manufacturing applications, including automotive and storage, fencing posts, rails, bearings for flooring, decks, bridges, buildings, homes, and many other applications.

Doogood's lightweight, long-span pre galvanised square hollow section steel brings you cost and weight savings and virtually unlimited framework customisation potential.

Our pre-gal square hollow section pipes meet or exceed the requirements of Australian and International Standards [AS/NZS 1163:2009] for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and quality anti-rust coating.

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What is RHS, SHS, and CHS steel?

The abbreviations RHS, SHS, and CHS are frequently used in the fields of engineering and construction.

RHS is the abbreviation for Rectangular Hollow Section or rectangular hollow pipe. Although technically inaccurate, RHS is the most popular phrase and is commonly used to describe square hollow pipe or Square Hollow Section, which is the proper word for a square tube. CHS, is short for Circular Hollow Section.

Box section, extrusion, and profile are a few more popular synonyms. The term "box section" can apply to either a square or a rectangular steel tube. The terms "Extrusion" and "Profile" can stand in for "Section"; however, these are better suited to describe materials that have been uniquely constructed or shaped, as opposed to a rectangular, square, or round hollow tube.

Does Doogood hollow section steel pipe meet Australian Standards?

Yes, our pre-galvanised products meet or exceed the requirements of Australian and International Standards [AS/NZS 1163:2009] for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and anti-rust coating quality.

All tubes are produced with a minimum of 100 grams of coating mass per square meter, and all parts are cold formed with a high strength design covered by a hot dipped galvanised coating that fulfills AS/NZS 4792:2006 quality standards.

What lengths are available for RHS, SHS, and CHS steel?

Doogood stock RHS, SHS, and CHS tube standard lengths from 2.4m – 7.2m and can fabricate non-standard lengths up to 12m or provide cut pipe to custom lengths in short lead times.

What are some applications for RHS pipe?

Used in many different applications for hollow section tubing including fencing, engineering, agriculture, manufacturing, shop fitting, residential framework, shelters, lighting standards and even decorative sculptures for parks and sports stadiums.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

We keep a large stock holding of industrial fencing in Melbourne and all sorts of commercial fence accessories at our warehouse that you can collect or we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

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