Metal Sandblasting

Sandblasting / Abrasive blasting

Doogood provides in-house abrasive media blasting services to prepare and clean a number of different substrates. This process is recommended for a variety of different materials as it provides the powder coating an ideal surface to adhere to, resulting in a superior and more durable finish.

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Compliant with Australian Standards

Our sandblasting service meets Australian Standards (AS1627.4 Class 2.5). Our new, state of-the-art blasting booth, allows us to carefully blast items ranging from the most delicate parts up to shot blasting large steel frames. We can blast large items up to 7.5m long and 3m wide.


Zinc primers for extended life

Doogood recommends that a zinc rich primer is added to the process, as a protective undercoat for the abrasive blasting of ferrous materials, to avoid future corrosion. A zinc based primer is essential in protecting exposed surfaces as powder coating is a porous coating, which means that over time moisture may penetrate the top coating and attack the substrate material, which in turn, will start the process of corrosion and may cause the powder to lift or peel. 

A zinc primer prevents moisture from reaching the steel and stops the spread of damage to the decorative top coating. The addition of this process affords the product a much longer operational life. Alternatively, an epoxy based primer is also available and is recommended for non-ferrous substrates to prevent oxidisation such as ‘white rust’ as is seen in aluminium.

Abrasive Blasting


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Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes, you can drop-off items for sandblasting at our Melbourne facility and we deliver Australia-wide including Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. Please speak to our team for more information. 

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