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Weldmesh fencing is a cost-effective, long-lasting welded wire fence style with an unobtrusive appearance that blends effortlessly with its surroundings. Because steel weldmesh panels are strong and difficult to cut or damage, they make ideal boundary fencing and safety barriers for educational facilities, walkways and bikeways, train stations, and parks and reserves.

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Doogood Australia's roll-top weldmesh panels are the perfect safety barrier fence for a wide range of commercial, civil and residential applications.

Our welded wire fence panels are compliant to Australian Standards and Vic Roads SD 3143A, making them an excellent choice for high-risk, mixed-traffic areas such as roadside walkways, bicycle paths, schools, train stations, and tram and bus stops.

The mesh is made from wire that has already been cut and straightened, which makes the sheets more accurate in terms of squareness, size tolerance, and flatness.

We stock industry-standard, welded mesh panels of varying apertures on-hand and ready to go but we also offer custom mesh fabrication services, including bending, crimping, folding and cutting to create unique roll-top fence profiles, trailer cages, gabions, to name a few.

Welded wire fencing is coated in Zalcoat® or LifeMax®. These are zinc and aluminium alloy coatings from OneSteel, that offer outstanding corrosion protection for wire products. We also offer in-house powder-coating in the multitude of colours available in our Interpon or Dulux ranges.

Weld Mesh Panels
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Mesh Panels Finish Heights (mm) Width (mm) Wire Gauge (mm) Wire Aperture (mm) Posts (mm)
Ararat Zalcote® 900, 1200, 1500, 1800 2400 5 50x75 50, 65, 75
Buller Zalcote® 900, 1200 2400 5 75mm with 2 horizontal wires 50, 65, 75
Gippsland(Garden) Zalcote® 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400 2400 5 50x150 50, 65, 75
Jan Juc Zalcote® 900, 1200 2400 5 75x150 50, 65, 75
Walhalla Hot Dipped Galvanised 1200, 1500 2400 8 75mm with no crosswires (rolled top and bottom) 50, 65, 75
Woolamai Hot Dipped Galvanised 1200, 1500 2400 8 75mm with no crosswires (SHS top and bottom) 50, 65, 75


Applications Pools Schools Civil Factories Backyards
Jan Juc    

Flat Sheets

Code Aperture (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Height x Width (mm)
WG2A11 25x25 2.50 2400x3000
WG311 25x25 3.15 2400x3000
WG312 25x50 3.15 2400x3000
WG314 25x100 3.15 2400x3000
WG322 50x50 3.15 2400x3000
WG422 50x50 4.00 1200x2400
WG422 50x50 4.00 2400x3000
WG423 50x75 4.00 1200x2400
WG423 50x75 4.00 2400x3000
WG444 100x100 4.00 1200x2400
WG522 50x50 5.00 2400x3000
WG523 50x75 5.00 2400x3000
WG544 100x100 5.00 2400x3000
WG5A44 100x100 5.60 2400x3000

Fencing Panel Range

Ararat Mesh Panels

Ararat Mesh Panels

The strongest of all the mesh panel options.

Download Specifications
Buller Mesh Panels

Buller Mesh Panels

Great for low budget requirements.

Download Specifications
Gippsland (Garden) Mesh Panels

Gippsland (Garden) Mesh Panels

A cost friendly versatile mesh panel.

Download Specifications
Jan Juc Panels

Jan Juc Panels

A mid range option for wire mesh panels.

Download Specifications
Walhalla Mesh Panels

Walhalla Mesh Panels

A long standing proven solution for around pools.

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Woolomai Mesh Panels

Woolamai Mesh Panels

A premium solution for around pools.

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What are the standard sizes for welded mesh fencing?

Doogood maintains a huge range of weld mesh panels in Melbourne at our warehouse with general-purpose mesh apertures from 25 x 25mm to 100 x 100mm and standard panel sizes up to 2.4M wide and 6M long.

The most common heights for a welded mesh barrier fence are between 900mm to 1800mm.

We are also a fully equipped steel fabrication plant so if you need a custom weld mesh fence we offer speedy turnaround on custom heights/sizes.

What colours are available for your weldmesh ?

Doogood supply welded wire mesh and components galvanised in Zalcoat® or LifeMax® an offer in-house powder coating services and can powder-coat galvanized weld-mesh fencing to any colour specified from the Interpon or Dulux ranges.

Does Doogood’s chain mesh products meet Australian Standards?

Yes, every Doogood welded wire product meets or exceeds Australian Standards AS/NZS 4534:2006 and AS 2423-2002 for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and anti-rust coating quality.

Do you sell weldmesh fence products direct to the public?

Yes, we offer both wholesale wire mesh panels, posts and accessories and general public pricing options.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

If you are looking for a ready-to-install welded wire fencing Melbourne you’ve come to the right place. We keep a large stock holding of weldmesh panels at our Melbourne warehouse that you can collect directly, or we can easily deliver handy packed lots in weatherproofed packaging to anywhere in Australia. 

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