Chain Mesh Fencing

Chain Mesh Fencing

Chain mesh fencing is a cost-effective, flexible and robust means of effectively securing large perimeters, making it one of the most popular styles of commercial fencing in Australia. Doogood offers a complete range of chain-link fencing solutions, including our premium Doobond and fusion bonded chain mesh wire. These wire options are ideal for use in extreme conditions, such as sporting and coastal applications as they are bonded to the wire, reducing splitting in high impact environments.

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Protecting People & Property

Chain wire fencing, also known as chain-link, chain-mesh, diamond-wire-mesh or cyclone fencing, is an extremely economical and versatile fencing style.

Fast and straightforward to install, chain-mesh wire does not obstruct visibility and is durable and strong enough to withstand high winds and high velocity impact, which is why it is the perimeter safety barrier of choice for tennis courts, baseball and cricket fields and used to protect properties in cyclone-prone areas from flying debris.

Warehouse dividers, storage enclosures, access gates, factories, warehouses, and construction sites are some of the other places you'll find this versatile fencing material.

Chain Mesh Wire

Selvedge Types

Available in galvanised, green and black

Diamond Sizes

Doogood’s chain mesh manufacturing equipment has the ability to produce a variety of different sized diamonds as shown below.
*25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 45mm & 50mm Diamonds, Max Height - 4200mm.

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Nominal Core Wire Diameter 2.50 3.15
Nominal Outside Diameter of Plastic Coated Wires 3.50 4.15
Linear Tolerance of PVC Coated Wires +/- 0.08 +/- 0.10
Concentricity Tolerance of PVC Coated Wires +/- 25% +/- 25%
Width Tolerance of Chainwire Products +/- 25 +/- 25


Fusion bonded / DOOBOND wire is a premium product offering superior performance in extreme environments. The special PVC coating is bonded to the galvanised wire core using a primary adhesive creating an extremely durable wire with:

  • Outstanding and long lasting adhesion in humid environments - less prone to splitting
  • Superior corrosion resistance - less creeping rust
  • High impact resistance - highly suitable for sporting applications
  • Smooth, attractive coating surface
  • High dimensional tolerances


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What are the standard sizes of diamond chain mesh and chain-link fence heights?

Doogood maintains a huge range of chain mesh wire in Melbourne at our warehouse with rolls of 25, 32, 40, 45 & 50 diamond sizes available.

The most common height for a standard chain-link fence is 1800mm with 50 diamond aperture. When further security is needed, however, it is normal for the height to reach 2700mm, and often a security chain-link fenceis topped with three strands of barbed wire, which adds 500 mm to the height of the fence.

For tennis court fences and sporting enclosures, the typical chain-link fence height is between 3000mm and 3600mm. Most Australian tennis courts call for a 45 diamond mesh, and golf ball protection screens generally require a 32 diamond.

We are also a fully equipped steel fabrication plant so if you need a custom chain mesh fence we offer speedy turnaround on custom heights/sizes.

What is chain mesh selvedge?

Selvedge is the term used for the chain-mesh fence's edging, which keeps the fence wire in place. For chain-link fences, selvedges come in three different types:

1. Knuckle/knuckle - the edge wire is folded back on itself and typically used in situations where a fence might come into contact with children or animals.

2. Knuckle/barb - one edge is knuckle folded, and the other has the wire in a barb twist to make climbing over difficult.

3. Barb/barb - both selvedges are barbed, used for discouraging crawling under or climbing over the fence.

What colours are available for your chain mesh?

Doogood supply chain mesh and components in galvanised, PVC coated and premium Doobond fuse-bonded wire. Standard PVC coated wire colours are black and green, other colours can be made on request but usually require a large quantity.

Does Doogood’s chain mesh products meet Australian Standards?

Yes, every Doogood chain link wire product meets or exceeds Australian Standards for chainmesh fencing [AS1975-2010]. Doogood is a leading chain link mesh manufacturers and suppliers in Australia.

Do you sell chain mesh fence products direct to the public?

Yes, we offer both wholesale chain mesh wire, posts and accessories and general public pricing options.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

We keep a large stock holding of ready-to-install chain mesh fencing in Melbourne at our warehouse that you can collect directly, or we can easily deliver in fully weatherproofed packaging and handy packed sizes to anywhere in Australia. 

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Take a look at our capabilities in steel fencing supply and powder coating products for some of our residential, commercial and civil projects.

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