Perimeter Fence Thrive Estate, Berwick

Wire Products

A new development at Thrive Estate in Berwick included a multi-purpose court in the park. Doogood supplied the perimeter fencing and created soccer goals with the use of Doogood’s range of fittings and pipe. 

Products featured in this job

  • PVC (Doobond) chainmesh
  • Powder coating
  • Hardware
  • Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)

Doogood were able to provide a high end solution for this new multi-purpose court in Berwick. Included in the scope was a drop down from 3.6m to 1.2m and soccer goals at each end. Doogood’s high end powder coated pipe and Doobond wire gave us confidence this fence will be able to take a beating and withstand the tests of time. 


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