High Security Fencing Accessories

High Security Accessories

Doogood is a leading supplier and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of high-quality security fencing materials and high security accessories. These products include Flurobond coated bolts and nuts as well as our own line of barbed wire. Our warehouse in Melbourne provides everything you need for a comprehensive selection of high-security fence products ready for same-day pickup or dispatch anywhere in Australia.

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Uncompromising Components

When it comes to protecting your perimeter, there can be no weakest link. Doogood Australia has curated a catalogue of the finest high-security fencing accessories to ensure your fences stand strong against intruders and the elements.

We have a comprehensive range of tamper-proof fence fixings, including hard-wearing corrosion and chemical-resistant Flurobond-coated bolts and nuts, available in silver, black and white.

A wide range of cable and wire ties, C clips and tools for use in chain link and rural fencing applications.

Barbed wire or razor tape when combined with Chainwire Fencing, 358 Security Mesh  Fencing, or High Security Palisade Fencing keeps vandals and thieves out of areas where security is very important.

We manufacture our own line of barbed wire available in 100M and 500M coils in high tensile 1.57mm gauge or Iowa at 2.5mm gauge.

Concertina tape and Flat loop razor tape is a high deterrent alternative to standard barbed wire as a way to stop, block, and protect against fence climbing. Razor tape is a steel strip that is held together with high-tensile wire and has barbs that look like spears every few inches.

High Security Accessories


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What is Flurobond?

Flurobond 20 is a fluoropolymer coating system designed specifically for threaded fasteners, but is also suitable for use on springs, pressings, washers, and other miscellaneous hardware.

Flurobond has been designed to outperform traditional electroplating, such as zinc plating and galvanising, when used in corrosive or chemically harsh environments, such as CCA-treated timbers and coastal areas. It is also a viable substitute for cadmium plating, providing exceptional corrosion resistance through a much more environmentally friendly process.

It provides a tough, adherent surface finish that resists a wide range of acids, alkalis, and solvents while also acting as a barrier against electrochemical corrosion.

Flurobond fence fasteners are available in silver, black and white.

What is wire gauge?

When selecting high-security wire products, the "gauge" refers to the diameter or thickness of the wire. When steel wire was first measured, the number of times it was drawn through a series of dies with progressively smaller diameters was used. To get a 9-gauge wire, pull it through 9 successively smaller dies; to get a 14-gauge wire, go through 14 successively smaller dies. Wire diameter is now measured with cutting-edge instruments in order to strictly adhere to gauge standards.

The rule of thumb for wire gauge is that the higher the number, the thinner the wire.

Doogood stocks a wide range of wire gauges for all of our products.

What is tensile strength?

The tensile strength of a wire is how much tension it can take before it breaks. If you compare two wires with the same diameter and length, the one with less tensile strength will break under less load.

If you're going to use wire for high-security fencing, you need to make sure it can handle the expected amount of tension. When the load on a wire is more than its tensile strength, the wire will break.

Doogood has a wide range of wire tensile strengths, and our knowledgeable staff can help you choose a wire that is perfect for your application, to help you get the best results without wasting materials.

Does Doogood’s High Security Fencing Accessories Meet Australian Standards?

Yes, all of Doogood’s security fencing accessories are fully compliant with the relevant Australian Standards [AS/NZS 4534-2006] for durability, weld consistency, dependability, and anti-rust coating quality.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

If you are looking for high-security fencing accessories in Melbourne you’ve come to the right place. We keep a large stock holding of high-security accessories at our Melbourne warehouse with same-day collection on all items, or, wherever you are in Australia, you can take advantage of our lightning-fast delivery service.

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